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Cellulaze Comments on has rounded up a list of comments from patients who paid for Cellulaze procedures. The article is below.

“The beauty industry has been abuzz since Cellulaze was FDA approved in February as the latest cellulite-fighting procedure. It had a full-page feature in Marie Claire magazine, and has been featured on The Doctors and news programs on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX.

But no matter how drastic the results, it’s hard to believe what you see and hear from a talk-show patient on a segment that looks suspiciously pay-for-play. So, we’ve rounded up comments from the Cellulaze reviews on RealSelf so you can see what everyday people who spent their own money have to say about it (hint: so far, 100% say the procedure is Worth It).

“They say it takes 3 months to see the full results. It’s been 10 days. AND IT’S GONE it’s the best thing to have ever been invented.”
– grlygerl25

“I am 4 weeks post Cellulaze procedure and the results are amazing!
… I am still improving each day. I am seriously considering doing the other back areas. One of my friends even noticed in my yoga pants that it was gone. This has been the best money I could have spent to improve a part of my body that has been an issue for a majority of my life.” – msratchet

“Other than the injections for the lidocaine, there was no pain for me. The post procedure soreness is expected, but it is not ‘painful.’
I swear it is like heavy post-exercise muscle soreness.” – cellulazepatient

“I am tattooed everywhere and it was less than tattoo pain! The numbing was the worst part.” – ree gee

“There is a huge difference even though it’s only been one week …
If it looks this good now, I can only imagine what it’s going to look like in another six months! The skin is so much smoother than it was. I have tried massage therapies, different diets or exercise in the past, but it never helped.” – caitlynfiero

“Pros: cellulite gone forever in one time treatment that was an hour
Cons: minuscule pain of a 1 out of 10 the next day but I still went to work.” – Palmbeachchick

“I am four weeks out now … I did my clench the butt’, pelvis forward movement, which always brought out my (too many to count) little craters and I could not make them appear. So I would say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” – NYTennis

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